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Aims and objectives

  • Religion and medicine have a long, intertwined, tumultuous history, going back thousands of years. However, nowadays, many service providing people are not sufficiently trained to go much beyond taking a religious history, directing resources, and perhaps supporting patients’ religious beliefs and practices.
  • When spiritual needs are evident, often patients are referred to a person who is competently trained to meet those needs.
  • Our project aims to ensure that e.g. care staff is available that is adequately trained to meet these religious needs.
  • Exactly the recovery of the link between medicine and religion is the innovative aspect of the project. One of the main objectives of the current project is to overcome the lack of connection and to improve the support to the people in need by well-trained professions who are aware and embrace the positive impact of religion on the mental and physical health.
  • Via the training provided and training materials developed the consortium will try to help the trainers and trainees to find the wellbeing (train the trainer concept). Additionally we will help our target group of end-users to understand the different religions and to maintain a tolerance between the people with different religions.

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