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Training on religion as a lever towards mental and physical health

From a multi-religious point of view, mental and physical health is not solely the core task of doctors, but is also an important aspect that is supported by religion. In this context, our project intends to provide a training that will support caregivers and other professionals in various domains to use religion as a lever towards the mental and physical health of their patients/clients (people that are often in need of mental and physical health support).

The stories that we find back in the holy books of Islam (Quran) and Christianity (Bible) teach us that people consist of two distinctive parts: the spiritual and the physical ones.

The care about these both parts is very important and is as such also stated in all main religions: Islam and Christianity (Catholic Church, Orthodox and Protestant church). At the heart of these religions lies the understanding that care about the person is the main purpose.

Target groups:

  • medical staff (doctors, nurses, hygienists, and students/practitioners in social medicine, etc.),
  • psychologists,
  • pedagogical staff,
  • students from medical schools (bachelor),
  • students in pedagogy,
  • students in ethnology,
  • theology departments,
  • practitioners who work with people with dependencies (drugs, alcohol),
  • practitioners who work with people who have been subjected to home aggression or were victim of illegal human trafficking.


  • patients in hospitals,
  • inmates/prisoners,
  • addicts,
  • people with disabilities,
  • people in need.

Start: 16 December 2019
End: 15 June 2022

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